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Quality lapidary products at discount prices. This website is dedicated to those North American artists working with stone using the techniques defined as "Commesso" or Intarsia. These ancient art forms have almost disappeared in Europe over the past 150 years. Even though we have many reference books on the art and artists of Europe, there were no documented historical data on this art form in America except for brief articles in a few magazines, notably, The Lapidary Journal, Gems and Minerals, and Rock and Gem.


- Hand Engraving Products - Excellent engraving tools

Steve Lindsay

Excellent knife sharpening system. This is the one I use to sharpen all of the Brianata Custom Knives. My daughter who is a Classically trained French Chef uses this because she says it's simple and easy. Play video #1 and at the end watch how Ben uses the ceramic hone. This is the correct way, gently and very smooth.